Where do i need to make a ladder so the workers can finish the building?

So the workers just dont want to finish the building so i guess i need to build a ladder somewhere for them? im not really sure, ill put the saved world file on here though. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AoA2tWiuXeQmhG7-FNAtGWsR0S-9

Its in my one drive

Is this with the new builder or with the old one?

The savefile is missing a file (server_state.bin) so we can’t load it.

Sorry about that, hope this link works.


And also what do u mean with new builder or the old one? Im not using mods, if you are refering to that.

Also the building im talking about is the windmill.

@Korui Relyss is referring to the new build tool under development. It is currently only accessible through steam unstable branches, as far as I know. You are not using it if you did not go into your game properties to change which build/beta you’re running. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Oh okay, and no i am not using the new one. Thanks though

@Relyss I wish i could get the program that you devs use to see what the hearthlings need to continue a building

That’s part of the new building editor, lol.

Oh… I didnt know that