Where did the PET BOWLS go?

jewel of the nile and ACE update

I also see the ACE added season icon picture missing underneath that weather, and it looks like you might be in the Temperate forest biome, which should be showing it there.
If you get all mods from Steam workshop, sometimes, they can all get disabled on a new load of the program, but if you have mods in the local folder, they will still be active. When this happens, Steam has to be shutdown, and restarted to restore the workshop mod list.

Findersword is right, you’re definitely missing the ACE mod. Double check if it’s activated, or it could be what Finder said

Confused…whats missing under the weather and day icon?

weird though because I shut down steam and reset everything several times a day since im mobile and on a laptop

don’t let the screenshot date fool you, ive just recently uninstalled everything and reinstalled. Ive had ACE since it came out. Its not disabled in my mods list

You have it subscribed, but that doesn’t mean it is active - you need to check inside the “MODS” screen in the main menu.

When ACE is active, there is a symbol under the game clock showing the season - that symbol is not visible in your screenshots, what makes us think that perhaps ACE is not active.

Enter the MODS screen in the Main Menu and make sure the “Authorized Community Expansion” box is ticked/active

…uh I KNOW that
I can be slow sometimes but uh…

I have even uninstalled and reinstalled like 4 times in last few weeks

And when you go back to the main menu, do you see the ACE background?

Or the vanilla one?

And sorry, I didn’t mean to say you’re slow or anything like that. But your in-game pictures clearly show that ACE is inactive, so there is something really weird going on and I just wanted to double check it all

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Whats the ACE background look like
Whats the vanilla background look like

…and no worries, I AM SLOW…
I used to code and develop.
I was in an accident 12 years ago, Im not quite the same but I understand and remember the fundamentals, I just don’t remember the language

ACE background has the shadow of some dwarves walking on a line, a starry morning sky

it also says “ACE version …” on the bottom right

Vanilla background is like a little cute village drawing with people working, a guy repairing a roof, a poyo on top of it, etc.

Oh yeaaaaah…. I remember ACE splashscreen! My game IS running vanilla…wtfwhy?
gonna uninstall and reinstall right now. brb

And this is the “clock” thing we’re talking about - when ACE is active, you have this icon showing the current season under the clock. If you look at the pictures you sent, it is not there… which means that ACE, for some reason, is not working. Could be a corrupt installation, could be a major conflict, etc.
We’ll have to track it down


Better to just uninstall and reinstall yeah? I can wipe it clean and start over. Im ok with that. Maybe its a humble bumble issue?

Maybe. I mean, you mentioned you have done that already so I’m not sure if it would help.

We know that ACE is downloaded, is active but not working. Perhaps other mods are not working either. I’m unsure what could cause this but I guess the first thing you could test is to make all mods inactive (untick the boxes) – all except the base ones like Northern Alliance, Rayya’s, etc…

and then try activating them on small groups (like activate 3, back to menu, no errors… 3 more, back to menu, no errors… etc)

Start with ACE alone to see if your game does run ACE if you only turn it on. If it doesn’t, then perhaps it could be a corrupted ACE installation/file.

Did that a few minutes ago… no ace

Maybe uninstall entire game and go with steam edition. I own both humble and steam

Alright, then go to the mods screen, hover the mouse over ACE and you’ll see a folder button. Go into the folder and delete the “stonehearth_ace.smod” file that you’ll find in there.

Exit the game, go to the workshop, unsubscribe from ACE. Restart Steam, subscribe to ACE again, make sure “Workshop content” is downloaded (you’ll see it on the download screen of the Steam Library) and then launch SH again

I will need to re download steam version… its a new laptop to me. steam version not on here
btw thank you for your help

Wait, you were not using steam version? :thinking:

But you were subscribing to the mods through the steam workshop… how were you getting them on… what? :joy:
I’m so confused now, I thought you were on Steam version