Where did my highlight of the week go?

Every week I look forward to wednesday morning (being european and all), so that I can sit back and enjoy reading the news from desktop tuesday. Now I’ve been refreshing the page every 30 minutes for 3 hours. And still, there’s no sign of life from our beloved developers. I’m not entirely sure about the timezones. But they should be sleeping by now. Don’t they love us anymore?

Did I miss out on something? Am I counting the days totally wrong again? Has anyone died? I need answers!


I’ve been doing same whole day. I want my morning coffee news too.


The only apologize would be a new awesome and amazing Desktop Wednesday :smiley:

Well guys, maybe because they made the post on their kickstarter they decided to let it go for this week ^^ But as a Dutchy I was hoping for my morning news as well :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think by now people actually read more on the main website than on kickstarter. I pledged through paypal myself so I don’t get updates from kickstarter, I do however get updates from twitch and I check the mainsite daily. So that’s where I want them to post updates!

Also, why have a website if you’re doing the updates on kickstarter?

I’m sorry if I sound like a critical assbunny. I just really really really need these updates. I can’t remember the last time I actually looked forward to something. So this game brings me calm.

Ok, so as you are all looking for some update… let me share an unofficial one :wink::

Hi. As we are coming closer to the first playable release of Stonehearth, the working days are getting longer and longer. You might remember the break room we have showed during the small tour through our new office. We have furnished it in the meanwhile with a “Norddal” bunk bed. Now we can work 24/7 on the game and do not need to go home anymore. You might recognize that it has only 2 beds and we are 5. That is true. We have agreed that Tony will not get any sleep until the new construction system works flawlessly. No need to worry, everyone has his own duvet cover.

Some of you have seen our update on Kickstarter. Finally we have hired someone to work on the audio for Stonehearth. Actually we have hired 2 people (both working part-time) and you might know them! Please welcome “Wolfgang Amadeus Adamo” and “Geoffers Sebastian Bach” in our team. Why? They have great references! While Adamo was playing harp in his childhood, Geoffers makes some funny noises if you step on his feets. We hope to show off some first samples soon, so stay tuned.

Apart from further bug fixing, optimizing of the code, etc. I was working this week on the emotions of our civs. We hope to have them in as early as possible. As a small spoiler, here an outlook which I have made up a minute ago. You can guess when they will be tiggered:



This actually soothes my nerves. I should hire you as my shrink.

hahaha… patience people… the update will arrive when it arrives…

and who knows? perhaps they’re cooking up something extra super-dupety special?

or, perhaps they were doing jello-shots at work again, and are just now waking up? :zzz:

either way, let’s just play the waiting game, and see whats what… :wink:

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