What would you think good camp starting area or no

granted its on the edge of the map but would it still be a good spot

I don’t see any beries, but apart from that it would be a good spot (when you solemly look at gameplay)

If you just rush a farmer you should be fine :smile:

(Although my personal opinion is that stonehearth isn’t a game that should be powergamed, so i would say that is a pretty boring spot :P)

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im streaming now and i have a schedule

i wouldn’t settle there unless you intend to dig through the mountain and make a town either inside the mountain or on the other side, or over the mountain. there isn’t a lot of space for building if you wanted to keep the buildings on one simple level. when the goblins spawn, if they spawn, they will literally spawn in your doorstep because of how little space there is. and based on location, i expect that you will be doing a lot of mining, which will cause zombies/skeletons/goblins to spawn in the caves as well. which can be annoying due to workers getting blocked by enemies and guards taking their time to get to them