What the Hell is this?!


Flying uniconrns incomming? :joy:

Nice looks great!
The idea is genius for this game!

First Time i see this.


It comes with the weather update if I remember correctly. It rarely spawns in the biome (from my experience…)~


You got lucky! :smile:


It’s the lucky day!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Check your hearthling buffs too.


Someone already posted a mod on Steam Workshop where every day is a Lucky Day. :merry::rainbow:


Funilly enough all that gold will cause many more enemies to come, leading to a very unlucky day soon after XD


I have made the extra easy mode for this :innocent:


Its weight in the temperate biome’s weather is 0.1, so I believe it’s a 1 in 800 chance to get this. I got it as well once in my Rocky Mountains biome, and it marked the first time I had a jubilant Hearthling, so that’s cool, I guess.


Got one as well. Still weird to see a colorful rainbow in such a gloomy biome.