[Alpha 8]Flying Hearthling

After requesting to mine a large area on two layers, I asked to remove the remaining soil.
Then one hearthling got trapped over no soil… just as if he was flying… but he cannot move.

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I’ve had this, you can get him down by building a ladder to him.

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the prophecy has been fulfilled, The flying Hearthling’s have returned to wash all our sins away!

Weird though haven’t seen this issue since Alpha 6 I think it was :wink:


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superhearthling :smile:

I have this bug too :sweat_smile:

hmmm… the last message is from March 11 and I got it in the new messages 16 minutes ago… Could we have a problem with the forum?

which message are you talking about? @Ayemmaus or @Bristolian’s?

Oh very strange! The message from Ayemmaus wasn’t visible when I posted 1 hour ago… So forget about my comment, probably some kind of oddity in the space/time continuum! :cold_sweat:

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or his post got auto-flagged as spam by the system :wink:

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