What Stonehearth can learn from RimWorld

I have posted about this before here.
But I’m going to reiterate and add some ideas here as it is relevant.

As you were saying buildings and furniture have no effect on combat at all in stonehearth at the minute.
The main idea I have is to introduce a more simulated physics based archer. Instead of the current version. Which at it’s core uses a guarantied hit mechanic as long as the target is in range and in sight. I feel this is a bit lacklustre on the simulation side of things.

If the archer fired an arrow up in the air, with an initial force based off of the archers muscle stat and then few like a real arrow with a gravitational force pulling it down. The arrow would then land at the end of its trajectory instead of always hitting the target.
This would instantly make arrows not look like guided missiles or torpedoes and would make archers that are higher up have more range (Makes your castle walls meaningful).

You could then add a random fluctuation to the trajectory of the arrow based off of the archers diligence stat, higher the stat the more accurate the arrow. This would make furniture and other objects in the field of battle meaningful as partially obscured targets would be very hard to hit.

If whether is ever implemented a 3rd wind force could be added to give that extra bit of immersion and story telling aspect. Clever hearthlings could always fight upwind of the enemy to get extra range on there archers.

This would also introduce a host of extra situations that could have meaningful effects to the world, ie a fire arrow missing its mark and hitting a tree, setting an entire forest on fire.
Most of the other examples I can think of would require building to be finished completely and I know this is an ongoing thing.

Other than that, you have singlehandedly sold RimWorld to me :slight_smile: