Dare checking out Rimworld?

Subjects says it all - Rimworld is the best “character simulation” ever - imho toping the Sims easily.

And playing Rimworld I realized that this is the area where stoneheart could improve its players experience most: giving your heartlings more character and identity. Rimworlds graphics are mediocre (to say the least) but after an hour of playing you know every one of your guys.
Of course the seasons and the need to dress according to temperature adds a lot of athmospere too.
And when the first couple got married I was stunned =)
Would be great to see some of those ideas in Stoneheart…

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If I were to guess, things like this might end up a latter bit to look into.

Rimworld is quite a game. Simple art style makes it easy to play within the mechanics. I do like some of the aspects of the relations that they have in that, or well what I have seen in videos; my savings isn’t enough for that. That is one I know I’ll pick up eventually.

Not sure if it will get to sims level of interaction, but possible at least some form of lively interaction I would think. Still something that would be nice if can be done, as much they can. :slight_smile:

Yeah. played it before. As a game, Rimworld is pretty polished, offering a good balance between visualization and the simulation behind. My only lament is that it is flat…

But I think the title of “best character simulation” still goes to the game that Rimworld itself draws inspirations from. What Rimworld adopted is probably just a subset of that game’s complex simulations (including social). That game is a probably a deepr simulation, but Rimworld is probably the better “game” (for the masses) :wink: