What new updates are there in 2021?

Very good, beautiful community, I have not played for a long time and without knowing updates about the game, I come to annoy you to find out everything new that has come to these days

Official development stopped a while ago, but the ACE project is releasing a lot of new features. You can find them all on the ACE Discord server. The latest update is described here.


thank you, one more question … what is the latest version of Stonehearth? because I installed the massive ACE and it remains in a dark screen and the music is playing, and it does not load the game

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If you installed the game from Steam, you have the latest version. The issue you mentioned is a known bug. When that happens, press F5 and it should reload the UI and let you continue into the game. The ACE discord server has an FAQ that mentions it and other issues you may run into.

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Well, yesterday I was able to enter but the game did not download through Steam because I am poor: c, but I opened the game at 8 min, what if it is strange that it takes like 3 seconds to open the GUI

is it possible to contact the devs?

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The games original devs (most have gone by now but max was one of them) or the ones thst make ACE atm?
No clue about orighinal devs, but the people thst make ACE are on the ace discord, and are friendly and don’t bite, come say hi :stuck_out_tongue: