What is this place!

I found this during the daytime and guessed it was supposed to be a nighttime thing. So I waited and nothing happened so I sent some foot men to check it out (knock it down) and the area was cleared quite quickly.

The next day I zoom out and theres another identical one next to the location of the old one! Is there supposed to be some scripting or text to explain what it is or its purpose that I missed?

Its still cool though. Im just hoping I didn’t miss a quest!


If its left long enough, You’ll see the undead spawn there, Its there new home / spawning point :slightly_smiling:


I’ve had several of these now … side by side and yes, you cannot leave them long or you get lots of undead spawning out of the crypt. It’s a great new addition! They may want to think about coding in a cap to how many will spawn though - currently seems a bit too many in 14, even though they are fairly easy to get rid of if you attend to them as soon as they appear. I’m spending a bit too much time on scouting duty (scanning the map) in this new version - things are spawning so quickly I hardly have much time for building my town!


rip me

i had one necromancer and his one skeleton buddy

and he got killed by a goblin wolf camp

looks like ill never get a crypt xddd

Ive not had a Necromancer yet! Looking forward to them turning up!

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Don’t look forward to it, it’s just a hard fight where some of your guys get killed. The necro doesn’t even drop anything and they don’t have a loot chest. :I

3 level 6 knights, 4 level 6 clerics and 2 level 6 archers disagree

It’s like mowing the lawn… except you’re removing the un from undead

Nice, on a 4 year old post


it’s a graveyard, spawns random on your map dissapears after a while or you can destroy it with you’r foddman’s… nothing to worry about

Your point is?

I was reading without noticing the date until I saw your post, @Moai
But before it I was like “New addition? Where were this people all these years?! I gotta tell them this is not ACE… :joy:

Part of me wants to make a joke about there being no better example of necromancy than ressurrecting a 4-year-old post…

On the other hand I feel like this is somewhat good. It means there are still people buying/getting into SH, I think? And I can’t be more happy about that… Welcome :slight_smile: