Crypts don't do much

The crypts that I’ve found haven’t really done anything. It’s always fun to fight them, but they haven’t sent monsters my way, or really caused much of a nuisance. I think that they should send extremely hard waves of zombies and skeletons (much harder than goblins) because the full steel armored soldiers that I have can take down most anything on their own.
Another fun thing that I’d like to be added is larger bases than just the little camps, maybe to do with golems or the ‘Ogo’ that I’ve heard so much about.

I keep getting 2x Zombies and 1x skeleton attacking me every hour or so, Can never find the crypt but I will look for one now

Change the title category to suggestion than gameplay

as for crypts not doing much, you could always do what i did, and take one for fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would like to reborn this thread since it has been 3 hearthling months (A18) in my game and like what @MoronCore said, [quote=“MoronCore, post:1, topic:21043”]
crypts that I’ve found haven’t really done anything

they really should send waves of undead like what @MoronCore said but in my case, not harder like with armor or anything, just more hoards every passing night like +1 undead to the wave for every passing night the crypt is still standing. much like a tower defense min game event. the pros is more exp, cons is lag.

if it can be balance by strength and number, like for example after hitting the max number of hoards, next wave will upgrade the hoard’s armor one by one each night then maybe changing normal undead to giants.

just my suggestion and opinion. I would like to hear others discussions and opinions.
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Appropriate for a thread about crypts to undergo forum necromancy…

I’d love it if crypts interacted with caves in some way - if we can have pre-made terrain tweaks (foundation) as part of a building being added, why not carved-out tunnels beneath the crypt? It’d also make sense to put crypts farther away from the town, so that you have to follow the waves of invaders back to their lair to put them down.

This would depend mostly on a person’s play style, for an example, I enjoy building or designing tunnel systems in this game more then the combat, although I don’t mind a bit of it to spice the game some, just having wave after wave of monsters disrupting you while your trying to do stuff is really annoying as well as making you prone to errors that kinda mess up your world.