What is the ID of the ceramic practice spear

I need pottery lvl 4 to make it but before that i get attacked so all my people die. I want to spawn one in rn so i can defend myself.

That is a modded item, so i can’t check it. But the stamper is pretty simple, you just type something and it will show a list with everything that matchs. So just type spear and it should be there

What difficulty are you playing on?

Normal (or Gentle if using ACE) will have attacks be based on your military power - which means that if you don’t have troops, attacks will usually be simple (entlings or stonelings) and your own people will defeat them if rallied to the banner (‘R’ key)

Hard has attacks based on your population, which means that if you’re playing Hard, you must grow slowly unless you have the troops/defenses enough for the next level of invasions. So if you play Hard, keep getting new lings on the Daily Update and all that without having troops or any preparation, then you’ll indeed die.

Ohhh very nice to know - i had forgotten this one. I would say it is necessary for RC, since they start with the shepherd (need buildings for pastures) and rely on trade - in other words, buildings/settlement value tend to go over the roof way faster than other factions. And it removes all that early rush towards blascksmiths that used to happen long ago when buildings/settlement value was the trigger for events.

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