Alpha 16 Hard mode

Is it me or did Alpha 16 attack/defence became really powerfull.
In the beginning with 2 fighters is just not enough for the Large Stone Golems and large monster.

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Yeah that was the point? It’s hard mode for those of us who like the more strategic side of the game :smile:


xD i just tend to build me in, and slightly build out now. Its overpowered hard.

Yeah I think Hard mode is going to require a careful balance of offensive/defensive tactics and population/inventory management. I’ve been enjoying it so far :wink: I have a feeling that i’m about to get hit pretty hard soon!

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Im doing good too so far ^^. just need to build in and let the enemies come in 1 by 1

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Yeah that is the difference I noticed from normal to hard, is that on hard mode you have to choose your battles carefully. On normal mode you can almost effectively take on every encounter as they pop up. On Hard mode a single bad encounter could be the death of your town.

I started a play through on hard with Raya’s Children in the desert, if there is one little trick that I learned from doing so is that the trapper is a little underwhelming in higher difficulties. Get a herbalist’s staff (more important than your first footman in my opinion) and a sword as a starting supplies. I’m currently post month 6-7 with 35 villagers (limit for smoother performance) with 3 knights, 2 clerics and 5 archers - this got me through just about everything. Also for your archers, spiky arrows seems to be a better option all around.

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I agree with that, I used to always opt for the fire one. Seeing the slow effect on enemy kobold archers makes a huge difference. Instead of having to chase them across the map (as they run each time). the Knight and Footman now get in more blows sooner.

That’s exactly what I did in my playthrough! I usually do the trappers knife for more food earlier on but it made more sense to have access to immediate defense and healing.

I think the herbalist staff is not super impotant, as the potter can build one.

Yeah…that’s true. I was thinking along the lines of my playthrough which was not with Raya’s Children. So then Herbalist is important :wink:

Oh he is, but I just think that geting the staff is not worth it, as both potter and carpenter (starting classes) can make it.

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Yeah I guess. Idk…I like being as prepared as possible as soon as possible :wink: Maybe i’m too paranoid :stuck_out_tongue:

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i survived till day 19 but i lost 4 combat units: 3 footman which i wanted to promote to other classes and 1 cleric… but my normal hearthlings finished off the enemies.

Oh… might be hard to get back on your feet after this one… best of luck!

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I think the issue is that the options are currently limited - the Trapper’s knife will take all of your starting funds and food is quite easy to acquire even in earlier stages. I believe that Raya’s Children were designed to be more involved in trading and it does reflect well in game especially when you start in the desert, and should be used for the tools you need excluding weapons.

Assuming you take a sword (difficult to craft/trade earlier on) and a hoe (instead of food?) for your food supply, you’re left with either an Herbalist’s staff or a Weaver’s spindle. Cloth is not abundant and hides are difficult to come by since, if you took a spindle it means you won’t take the knife. In contrast your Herbalist is not only useful in combat, but can benefit from patches of herbs earlier on to gain a couple levels and get some hides from a trader for a Cleric’s book. Spindle can be taken from the trader when he arrives at which time you hopefully will have extra food.

Ditching the footman for the weaver can work as well, just throw everyone in the militia and get your herbalist to a cleric as soon as possible, that route is fun also - definitely up to personal taste.