What has changed in the past year?

I’ve begun trying to play this game once again, briefly last year I tried and much more the year before that (2015), according to my post history at least. It seems I pick up this game once a year. So I ask now, what has changed since last year?

From my perspective I’ll note a few major changes first.

  1. New starting characters and area.
  2. Some new classes like cleric and engineer.
  3. Less bugs (I just realized as I get a bug about spinning ai).
  4. UI stuff.
  5. Morale emotions.

Not much I think. Some of it’s good like less bugs and the UI changes have improved the game a lot. The morale section is a work in progress, so far it’s actual effectiveness is unnoticable. But overall not as much change as I expected. And so here comes the part where things haven’t changed.

So much of this game hasn’t changed. That’s not always a good thing. In fact most of the issues I had with are still there. Building, food, storage, building, scaffolding, UI, building. You get the idea. I intend to make a full suggestions topic later but that’s another thing.

I have more questions: What else have I missed? What should I look forward to that’s been annnounced? How has the game changed for you? What keeps you playing?

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I agree with you on this view of the game. One think that springs to my mind though, is all the growth that has happened in the developers physical reality, they have increased the teams size, moved to bigger offices, rearanged the organization and the most important thing… they have started to rework the whole structure of the game, so all their dreams and visions actual have a chance to come to life.

All this is not anything we really can see in the game at this point, so it feels kind of empty and hopeless to play.
I believe when you check in next year you will notice many more changes in the game…if not, then i wont be here to make a respons haha :jubilant:

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Nooooooooo you can’t leave @Fornjotr !!

@Fornjotr pretty much summed it up. The devs are working more on base gameplay stuff to get a good foundation with which to gel all their future plans.

  • They’re reworking the building system. This will take care of your building and scaffolding issues.

  • Doing a crafting pass for a more effort based crafting system.

  • Also working on water to make it less buggy and easier for folks to manipulate.

  • Stephanie also mentioned they’d be adding 4-10 more classes (nothing set in stone yet).

Unfortunately, at the moment they’re not working on any huge feature objectives like factions or titans so the game has felt a bit lacking lately. The building system should be updated in another alpha phase or two. I keep playing because I love the concept, and while we’re draggin’ a bit at the moment, I have faith the devs will get there. It may not seem like a lot is going on, but they have a plan!