What Day is the Monument Quest?

It says in the Desktop Tuesday that we should get a quest to build a monument “a few days” into a game?
I just started one up, and I’m on Day 9 now, with no idea when it’s going to happen.
Is it like some of the other events where it’s based on Net Worth and not actually on time passed?
Any ideas?

i don’t have time to check the files right now, but someone else said it started on day 10 for them

I was actually looking through the campaingns yesterday and it’s 9 days + 3 hours. I noticed a lot of them had something like 22:00+1:30, and not sure what the significance is to doing that instead of 23:30.

Confirmed, it popped up on Day 10 around 9 in the morning. Thanks guys!

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Anything after the + is a random addition between 0 and that number.
So 22h + 3h means between 22h and 25h


Thanks for the clarification!