Hi! I'm new need Directions

I just Pre-ordered the game & i would love it if someone would point me where i can get the latest news from the Devs and the Time schedule for Desktop Tuesdays, I always seem to miss the show i think it’s the time from where i am

it would help me alot if someone could help? i have the same time as Singapore but i don’t know the time conversion?

Firstly welcome aboard!!

If you wanna keep up to date with the news, head over to the stonehearth main website which is [urlwww.stonehearth.net] here [/url].

Desktop Tuesdays are every Tuesday, but Team Radiant are located in the PDT timezone. Google is telling me that Singapore is 15 hours ahead of them, so you will likely see an update on Wednesday late morning.

Livestreams are less frequent now, and there are probably one or two, if we’re lucky three, a month.

You can watch all the livestreams [urlhttp://www.twitch.tv/radiantentertainment/profile/pastBroadcasts] here[/url].

Hope that helps! If you need any more help let me know :smile:

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thanks alot and lastly what time in PDT zone will it start??

Each livestream is different, the time will be announced, it could be anything from 2:00pm PDT to 4:00pm PDT, the time will be announced when the stream is.

As for desktop Tuesday, there isn’t really a set time, it’s just whenever it gets put up :smile:

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lol i have to get up at 5 AM (my time) to be able to catch no wonder i’ve been missing it

and thank alot for the help

out of interest where do you live(not being a stalker) cause i live in Singapore and had to deal with the same problem

Well, Singapore is 15 hours ahead of team Radiant - if the livestream was at 4pm their time, that would be 9am your time, and if it’s 2pm their time then 7am your time.

That is if I have understood the time zone’s correctly - which I probably haven’t …

i live in PH but i think my info on time is outdated so i could be wrong

@Geoffers747 time gets a little confusing when it’s international but we have google to turn to :slight_smile:

stop stealing my welcome thunder!


welcome aboard @AuraFort! :smile:

i may be mistaken, but (based on the most recent stream) i think the team is leaning towards following that time-slot going forwards… 4PM PST… we shall see though… :smiley:

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I stuck 2pm in there in a false hope that I might be able to catch these streams live :cry: but ya know, thanks for dashing that hope!

well, im sure its subject to change, but i belive @Tom mentioned be liked the time…

and yes, dream dasher is appropriate, as that’s my My Little Pony alter ego…

It’s not the same but you can always catch up by watching the streams afterwards on the twitch channel by clicking on past broadcasts. I personally prefer it as I get a bit hot under the collar during streams, but I know a lot of people do have fun and it’s truly the best way to get involved aside from being a voxel prodigy like @Froggy, @RoseyNineOneOne, @voxel_pirate and a few others that I’ll leave you to find.

i dont get agitated (well, somewhat i suppose), i just find it difficult to watch @Tom, listen to his dialogue, and watch the chatter all at once… my brain is far too simple to juggle so many complex tasks…

Speaking of which, has anyone seen Pepe in a while?

unfortunately, he hasnt posted in quite a while… but it seems he’s still keeping tabs on us, as he was visiting the forums 4 days ago… :smiley:

and for those who might not be familiar with his work, here’s a sample of what that voxel wizard is capable of: