What Could Possibly be in Alpha 11?

Alpha 9 showed us the start of the goblin campaign, better combat and more. Alpha 10 showed us water, multistory buildings, more of the goblin campaign, and a completely changed UI. The problem is, I can’t think of anything that would be in Alpha 11. What do YOU guys think we will have in Alpha 11?

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perhaps more building materials/options? orc campaign? archers and other military units? “upgrade” classes like the miner, big game hunter, etc…

those were the first things to come to mind…


at first … not much ^^ in the steam tom has said that they will now focus on bugfixing ^^ bigger updates will come after the next alpha ^^


awesome to hear @Wiese2007, im unable to make it to the streams and very rarely get to watch them afterwards, so thanks for filling us in on this :blush:


Thank the all mighty Cthulhu!


Hopefully they will Expand the map because bigger is better (most of the times)

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Archers FTW!!!


Just take a look at the trello, it isn’t updated yet but the blue stuff will probably become green all too quickly.
So the cook will enter the fray, water part 2 probably and more build options.


The cook, and water as a resource appears to be “confirmed” (can be change at any second)

What i hope to see: more performance for building with slabs, plant trees, and tons of new itens to make the city great


well in todays desktop tuesday this is what was said,


Water, Stage 2
Add rivers and waterfalls to world generation
Complete flow and pressure simulation for water (this will fix the puddles that sometimes form in the world)


Launch the new Stonehearth site
Find new and better ways to communicate and cooperate with modders and players


Continue tracking down AI bugs
Continue to improve graphics performance


Add new music to the game
Continue to add sound effects for new features as they are developed.


Add content, including more monsters and the conclusion of the goblin campaign.


New class: the Cook
Add supporting assets for new monsters and water, stage 2
Make fancy graphics for the new site


Continue to improve the build editor
Add more feedback as to what your hearthlings need to make progress on seemingly stuck buildings.
Improve the usability of the party system


Get up to speed on the major game systems and how the work

I didn’t read anything about adding more sheep. Why did I not read anything about adding more sheep? We need more sheep. We desperately need more sheep.


this is what was left of Cthulhu after i was done with em! :sunglasses:

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Probably bugs, lots of bugs

im pretty sure they are actually going to be doing bug fixes, unless that was going to be alpha 10.5

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Yeah thought that 10.5 was going to be fixes. Adding the new stuff for 11 will probably create some bugs.

Clearly crabcakes here doesn’t develop software.


So, Tom was updating the trello board Trello

and i think we need more topics threre!

haha, i understand that perfectly well.

[quote=“Gorkiork, post:15, topic:12401, full:true”]
Yeah thought that 10.5 was going to be fixes. Adding the new stuff for 11 will probably create some bugs.
[/quote]well i wasnt sure, but to my understanding they wanted to the focus for the next while to be more bug fixing then feature adding.

for what i understand, 10,5 will be release this week, or early next week, then alpha 11 start full force to be release in 6 to 9 weeks

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