What are you working on?

This is a place where you can share what you are working on. It can be an experiment, a little side-mod, a proof of concept, whatever you think others should see. It can be something you are currently adding to one of your mods, but it doesn’t have to be.

Share your SH modding related things that you think should be shared, no matter the stage. Code snippets, screenshots, artwork, videos, it doesn’t matter.

So, that being said, it’s the perfect thread for me. Let’s go.


That is beautiful. I love everything about it.


Nice work! RAVE!!!

ow god. That is awesome and insane at the same time.

Dude, awesome. Almost as good as that one unicorn one you posted.

Make the sheep unicorns, @RepeatPan! Then it is complete!

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I’m afraid because I don’t own Qubicle, I cannot really make animatable models, as the Minecraft-stuff is single-model and pretty stiff on top of that.

I guess I could teach Panicle to merge matrices or such stuff, but that would be too much effort. Sorry. No sheep unicorns from me.

brilliant! love the backflips! :grinning:


Why thank you. I actually spent quite some time animating those. If you have the Unity WebPlayer installed, you can watch the animations in the kitchen previewer. The order in which I did them was “backflip”, “headbang”, “rave_jump”, “rave_wiggle”, “rave_wobble”, “backflip2”…You can clearly see that I’ve improved. I never animated anything before and I think backflip2 (the one that is in the video) is actually quite decent :smiley:

@RepeatPan, can you add a few “discs” which you can play to get different music?

If so, that one rickroll song should be of the highest priority.

That would be possible of course, you could even have those as independent mod (i.e. you could create your own discs :D).

However, there’s a tiny issue… I think animations are always played at the same rate (as of now), and these animations are synced up to… 125 BPM I think. So if your song has any different BPM, it would look out of place.

While the subwoofer can easily be corrected, the lights and animations are a bit more… difficult. I suppose it could be possible to provide all of them in a few, distinguished BPM sets or to provide a tool that could automatically up/downscale animations as required… But that’s not quite certain. Lights can easily be synced as it’s just changing the duration, but animations would require a re-setting of the key frames or cutting frames/interpolating frames.

The current implementation is a bit hacky too, I’ve had to duplicate stonehearth/data/horde, put it as its own mod and add the lights/thought bubbles there - so the mod is sadly not as easily installed as “put a .smod in your directory”. It requires messing around with files too.

As soon as animations can be played back at custom (lua-defined) speeds and more importantly the data folder becomes extendable, I’m sure we could look into a potential release. I would need some different music and sound effects though as the current ones aren’t mine.


Dang. That’s a lot of work, but the end result would be pretty cool. Don’t kill yourself getting it done if you plan to though :wink:!

Eh, there’s not much I can do right now I’m afraid. The engine needs to support animation speeds/data loading before the mod possibly fulfils my rather strict quality expectations on stuff I release.

I’ll wait with any potential disc system until the next Alpha in any case. I doubt that the data loading/animation stuff will make it in as they really have a lot on their plate already with save/load but the GUI is what really “worries” me, as in, I think there’s a chance I would have to rewrite any GUI I would possibly create right now. :wink:

However, feel free to propose new animations or songs, as long as they’re public domain/free to use (I’m sure Kevin McLeod has something too) I’m all ears. I’ve had a hard time actually figuring out how sheep could possibly rave.

Possible dance moves: sheepy disco, quantiple backflip, sheepy triangle (One sheep jumps on top of 2 sheep), sheepy tower.

That’s all I have for now, but more will come to me in time. :sheep:

The problem is that the sheep can’t really stand on two legs. It looks really… ridiculous.

So you’re basically limited to four legged animations.

I’m not too sure about combined animations either. While yes, technically it would be possible to organise them… rather easily even thanks to the AI system, I’m not quite sure how well that would work. It would be a lot of work to animate and tune it, that’s for certain.

Basically, you would need a system that organises these things, i.e. sheeps can enter a pool to form a pyramid and once they’ve found enough members they gather at a location, perform the stunt and then go back to their normal behaviour.

I don’t think it’s very ravey either. I was thinking about giving them silly hats or glasses (such as the one I was wearing in the original picture) or maybe some sort of glowstick. But then again they would need to carry those in their mouth and I’m not sure how well you could create fancy looking glasses here.

Transparency would be the big issue; the glasses would likely need to be rendered with a different shader or something, while not completely impossible would require another entity, which needs to be re-positioned to the bone and… I’m not sure if those kind of attachments are already implemented, or if certain models can be rendered with a different shader. I doubt both of it, the latter more than the former.

So, the whole thing has lots of potential I guess, but not at this stage yet.

Ah well. The sheep pyramid will be in our hearts forever. :heart:

words truly escape me… :+1:


awesome, epic video, but I don’t think the sheep should be replaced by unicorns. This is much more “unique” because raving dancing unicorns are pretty boring. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for this 'lil thread! Hope it will catch on as you wanted it to!

For me… I was working on a lil project myself… back in July.
Haven’t continued it ever since.

Edit: I love the way it says “do not push”

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isn’t move speed speeding up animations?

No. At least, not anywhere visible. You can check by setting the speed to 0.001 or something, they will move at a slower rate but the animation seems to stay the same.

self._effect = radiant.effects.run_effect(entity, "run"):set_cleanup_on_finish(false)

It isn’t passing the speed anywhere, nor adjusting the effect. The entity moves slower, but that’s because of _radiant.sim.create_follow_path(entity, speed, path, 0, arrived_fn).

I’ll be honest and say I’m not entirely sure how effects even work. The light effect, for example, doesn’t seem to touch the engine anywhere and its definition is pretty simple. There might be some sort of magic going on beyond our knowledge.