What are/were your top ten Stonehearth settler names?

In anticipation for the Stonehearth Serial I am planning on writing. I wanted to see what your guy’s favorite names are. The top seven will be the villagers in my serial. So post your favorite names below and i’ll probably use at least one of them :slight_smile:
Oh and if you have any suggestions for the name of the village itself I will be glad to hear them.

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Meadow town is a nice name? :smiley:

1-10. Anyone that has the last name Burlyhands.


It always seems to be Mer Burlyhands for me…

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Villager: Penn Boltoose. Because she was the heroine in my movie (although I kept on calling her Penny…)

Village: Chumpyland, Chumpyforge. I may be somewhat biased …

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Hmm… maybe i’ll tie in a lot of the stuff from your video into the serial. If you don’t mind.

And so a star is born. The name of the one of the protagonists has been decided.

Sure :smile: I would be honored if you do

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