Well i have several intresting bugs for you guys

i have 3 screen shots (2 that apply to one bug and another that applies to a sepratebug first off got a weird error when a shop close event occoured heres the link to that ss:

secondly my hearthlings wont finish a custom project i gave them the first ss is what it should look like (with scaffolding cause its not finished ) the second is what they managed to finish doing

current status of project for almost 20 game days now

apparently the system wont allow more than 2 links so

please email me when the updates are finished and these bugs are fixed love the game plan on twitch streaming it

http:// Pasteboard — Uploaded Image does anything look wrong with this picture #fail had to put a space in the link becuase for somereason the system wont let me post links

It probably won’t let you post links because you are new. Regarding your post though, Hearthlings get easily distracted while building, and the game is in alpha so popup bug menus like that are probably already logged somewhere lol. Just stick around and they will be fixed soon.