Weaver workbench can be placed inside walls/structures

The “Weaver workbench” can be placed inside walls or structures as long the middle of the table is places “leagally”.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Aquire workbench
  2. Place as close to a wall (or structure/object) as posible in any rotation.

The end facing the wall will glitch into (or through) the wall:

It will even glitch into other objects (A forge for example).

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 14 test version - (devolop-2820 (64x)) - no mods

This is not acctually a “problem”, just worth noticing.
I do not know if this happens with other structures/workbenches. But as far as i can see it does not. This only happens to the “Weaver workbench”

Hey there @MasterXD301, welcome to the Discourse! This is likely just a collision region issue, @yshan, should be able to take a look.

I’m working on this now.
Thanks for the report!


Just glad i could help.
I can now brag to my friends about contibuting to the game (a bit) XD

  • MasterXD301
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Hello again Yang
I can see as of alpha 14 release 519, the bug has been worked on.

The basket (the one beside the table) in the “Weaver workbench” can still glitch into things.

Hope this helps.

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