Weaver: Selecting not craftable item breaks profession

With build 114 it seems to be possible to break the weaver by selecting an item he cannot craft. If this item is deleted afterwards from the production queue, the profession is broke, i.e. another item cannot be crafted.

Reproduce Bug:

  1. Harvest 12 x Wild Silkweed
  2. Craft 6 x Spool of Thread
  3. Craft 2 x Bolt of Cloth
  4. Craft 1 x Upgraded Worker Outfit

… everything works and a worker is upgraded.

  1. Craft 1 x Upgraded Worker Outfit

… resources are no longer available, weaver will not move.

  1. Delete Upgraded Worker Outfit and craft Spool of Thread

… should work as enough resources are available, but weaver is broken.


Reload saved game.


excellent repro steps… :+1: