We have a common enemy

If you read my suggestions about warfare you are going to see my article about armies clashing with eachoter and another one joins in e.t.c. But how will it work? Lets say two player fotman are fighting, then a skeleton joins in. Will they kill there common enemy first or will one get dubble teamed(no fair!). I think they should team up because that would make sense. What do you think?

Sorry for bad grammar and all that but i was rushing through this.

I don’t think that it would make sense if anyone teamed up in this scenario because:

  1. The 2 original enemies was fighting and killing each other i don’t think they would suddenly decide to help the other part
  2. NOBODY likes the undead.
  3. If we follow the classic undead’s they wouldn’t even think about teaming up with another part (except if they had a very intelligent Lich/Warlock/Overlord also he/she would probably kill the other part right after

Also who don’t like 3 way warfare? :slight_smile:

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1: You said it yourself " NOBODY likes the undead" that’s a reason to temporaraly team up if you ask me.

2: What if the skeleton attacked you’re fotman? Then you would get dubble teamed. And thas no fun… Espacially if was 50% chance he would go for you.

3: Thank you for giving me constructive critizism!

4: I think you missunderstood, the footman were going to team up…

What i meant is basically that everyone would attack everyone. Because if one of the three parts attack he will be open for an attack from the other part which he can’t block.
And would you trust a man who just tried to kill you enough to work together with him?

@thorbjorn42gbf as you said NOBODY likes the undead…
It would make sense that two guys team up beacuse of a zambie apocolypse.

I think it should be a priority thing, i.e

Goblin Hate for Undead - 1
Goblin Hate for Human - 2
1 > 2 + variable X (strength of enemy, others opinion, etc…)

It should be a “who do I hate least” type of thing.


@naturalnuke thats a great idea!

I still think that the possibility for one of the soldiers to fall the other one in the back should exist.