Warfare Suggestions

Hi there me again! I have an idea that is going to blow you’re mind!
Alliences a pact between factions to help eachoter.
Natural enemies factions that just fight non stop.
I’m mentioning this because I just… Imagine this okay:
An goblin army charges an undead army and the battle begins, but then you hear a horn and the rabbit clan is there, then you hear another horn and the player joins there rabbit allies, then a final horn blows that belongs to the other player that you are fighting with there dwarven allies! All out war!
I think this could be a thing, not just good vs evil but good vs evil vs deacent vs cool.

I mean the dead hated the living, goblins hate everyone and players hate eachother. This should make for a more interesting kind of war, Stonhearth is about telling you’re own stories you know.

Here are some suggestions to make warfare more interesting.

  • Goblins for hire: You can hire goblins to plunder your enemies base, they will do anything for gold.

  • Siege engines! Gotta love em.

  • Magic death thing… Basicly a Green thing that undead seems drawn to. Give it to your neighbour instead.

  • Hire assasins and that stuff: Backstabbing you for a better tomorrow.

  • Poison: A diffrent kind of warfare. Only works in water(debuffs only).

  • Portal: Sir they telleported in to the city. Takes veeeeery rare gems to make(only two units can go through).

  • Trojan horse: Does anyone still fall for that? You can make diffrent kinds.

Sorry for bad grammar, spelling and other stuff but i was rushing through this. Bye!


This sound epic. I here by nominate you to get internetpoints for this, @steveadamo, @geoffers747,get on it!


That would be epic i can imagine fighting with goblins when a rabbit tribe joins in and everything just becomes chaos :slight_smile:

Request denied.

All good suggestions @Supergamer33 definitely interesting stuff, not sure how much of it has already been discussed/ we know will make it in.

Mercenaries in general would be an interesting mechanic, not sure whether the team have discussed that.

The last mention of siege engines was this:

Whether or not this has changed since, I’m not too sure.

Well we have the Pirates, Ninjas and Politicians stretch goal that was met, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine this fitting in with this idea somewhere :slight_smile:

Definitely interesting idea, would have to be balanced properly so it didn’t just kill entire settlements, perhaps just a debuff to strength and health? Makes the assault a little bit easier.

Hmm, not a fan of this one, it’d mean you’d have to worry about ensuring the inside of your settlement was just as defensible as the outside, perhaps if you could only teleport one or two units in then maybe …

That would be a pretty cool event, would have to be a trojan wombat though,


@Elderon Im honored… Thank you!

To clarify my like is regarding that last bit with the wombat, not the denied bit.

and we still have steve that can save us!


###The Trojan Wombat

I swear you people stop reading posts after the 6th or 7th word:

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oh sorry Goes into a corner and cries because of lack in perception skills :cry:
Next time i role up a life i will put more points in it.


Do! Make sure you max it out.


:frowning: sorry i just rolled the life sheet for my next life… And i only got like a perception 5 :cry:

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