Water doesn't merge

There is a bug, when you make an artificial river in Stonehearth. The waters don’t merge into eachother, and everytime I load up stonehearth on my world, the crash report is popping up, where it describes the waters masses, who doesn’t merge together

The same thing happens to me.

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Water is a little bit broken.
You should not play with it :wink: but if you do/want, save often and before you start playing with it.


Two flowing bodies of water won’t merge together, but it is sometimes possible to fill a river from one end only and then remove the last layer of cubes which separate the new river from it’s terminus in the existing body of water.

When I do this, I build a bridge over the “dam” which separates the two flows, let them fill up completely (so you have two “halves” of the river separated by a thin wall of natural blocks), and then remove that wall. Usually they merge up ok if they don’t actually flow into each other, but if anything goes wrong then the bridge hides it :wink: