WASD camera functionally opinion/bugs?

works very close to what I would want. there might be a need for zoom in and zoom out keys still since not everyone has a scroll wheel.

I have not had any problems specific to the the keys but there could still be some as of R22.

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excellent! thanks for the feedback… can’t wait to try it myself! :+1:

When I use WASD its not smooth like it is with space+mouse. Its very jerky. Does that happen to you guys?

for me, it’s buttery smooth … GeForce 9500… old machine, old card… very smooth camera controls…

I’ve disabled vsync, lowered shadows and reduced the view distance (all via the in game settings menu)…

Did all that, still the same with Radeon 6850. Screen tears and its jerky. When I use space+mouse its smooth. Weird

hmm… that is rather peculiar… data point!

The moving with WASD (as well as my side scrolling addition) is less of an “active” moving process and more of a “please move every X that much” (CameraService:_update_camera(frame_time)). It’s possible that this looks “odd” or stutters if your framerate is bad or you have CPU spikes (certain AI and pathfinding related things cause massive spikes that can hold the game for a fraction of a second - you usually notice it, especially when moving around).

Stop teaching me things!!!

A bit of an old topic, but it seems to be closest to what I want to talk about so I thought I’d resurrect it rather than starting a new topic. Also, this may have been mentioned before, but I haven’t seen it and couldn’t find it when searching for “camera” topics.

I really like the WASD camera functionality and the right-click rotation, but I don’t like that you can’t seem to do both at the same time. That is, whenever you hold W to maneuver around the map, you stop going forward when you turn using the right mouse button. I’d much prefer to be able to do both at the same time, as it feels rather jerky otherwise (even though I have very few framerate issues with it since the latest patch). Just thought I’d offer my two cents on the matter.