I preferred the left mouse button to pan the camera

Yes adding wasd is a good addition to the game but now having to always use space or wasd to move around to where i use to be able to just play the game with one hand is a throwing me off. Just change the left mouse button back and it would be fine.

I thought they had both implemented? No?

I do want the middle mouse button to be used in a way but the current controls are okay, I got nothing against the space method.
You will eventually need to use both hands for shortcuts and faster gameplay!

no they do not they have wasd to move around and holding space and moving the mouse.

Ah right! Well, it’s a shame you liked the old commands, but it was by popular demand that they added WASD (they hadn’t actually wanted to, they wanted the keys for other things). I guess you’ve just got unlucky by people not liking your way of doing things enough :disappointed: we will eventually be able to customise controls (well…we can now, but you have to go into the files and this particular control will likely be harder to implement than others) and when we can, this will very likely be a pickable control setup :slight_smile:

As long as there’s a possibility of getting it back that’s fine wasd is fine its just so little to do right now in the alpha that its doesnt allow much need the use of 2 hands :]

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There’s a possibility this was done to avoid conflicts when dragging/placing stuff.


hi @Timdo409… i’ve adjusted the title a bit, as it was hurting my brain… :smile:

i think this makes a great deal of sense… even if it was provided by my new arch nemesis…

…you know what you did…

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A bit unprofessional to take this into the public, don’t you think?

After replacing local drag_key_down = _radiant.client.is_key_down(_radiant.client.KeyboardInput.KEY_SPACE) with local drag_key_down = _radiant.client.is_key_down(_radiant.client.KeyboardInput.KEY_SPACE) or _radiant.client.is_mouse_button_down(_radiant.client.MouseInput.MOUSE_BUTTON_1), I have the same old behaviour again. I think I’ll just add that to my camera hotfix as opt-in.

Edit: rp_hotfix.smod, requires rp etc etc. Set user_settings.json:mods.rp_hotfix.enable_mouse_panning to true. I think I’ll need to add some mod interface soon, something that can change a mod’s options in the main menu. That would be nice. The question is whether I can write user_settings.json in some way… hey @SteveAdamo, old buddy, get me on the line with some engine guy! Or girl. Doesn’t matter.


Ermigoodness, @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 how does he not have the title of Supreme Modder of Modding? Geez…is it because of this argument?

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You see, the fun part about it is that it’s absolutely his fault!

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Oh goodness, I don’t want to be involved in this, as sure as I am that you’re right, we all know what Steve’s like, I worked hard to get this title. Well…I probably didn’t. Sarhifigus got his after one day :slight_smile:

oh sure, now we’re thick as thieves… I’ll see which ears are most receptive to my whispered requests… :stuck_out_tongue:

but I would agree with @Smokestacks… it would seem a proper title is in order… the possibilities are literally endless… :smile:

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