WSAD should be the primary way to move around the world

As the title says… WSAD should be the primary way to move about the world… most RTS games have it set this way and its more comfy to do that than to left click drag.


WASD or arrow keys or moving the mouse towards the edges of the screen.

But IMHO wasd is the most comfortable option to do so!

i agree doesnt feel right

I’m sure later on there will be more options, gotta remember this is the first public build :wink:

But WASD is so basic basic basic²…^^

WASD and arrow keys are about as basic as it gets…

I agree WASD and moving the mouse to the edges of the screen is the norm.

I can’t say I had any issues with the current set up but it wasn’t the standard.

The developer said that the WASD keys where better used for shortcurts for the building options and stated that the arrow keys will be used for camera control untill keybinding is implemented.

Please devs, let all the controls be fully customizable !

Then there should be an option to set keybindings. As MANY MANY people seem to want the ASWD for camera control vs hotkeys for buildings. I personally never use hotkeys for buildings in these types of games anyway. So having options is the best thing they can possibly do. The more option the less restrictions and more freedom. And the keyword here is freedom.

in time folks, in time… there is hardly a game out there now, worthy of being called a game, that hasnt allowed for customizing the controls… and given SH’s modding aspirations, this would seem to be a slap in the face of that principle… :wink:

I get the feeling that the Alpha stage is to be a way to give feedback on the sorts of things people liked/disliked and options that were missing or that enough people wanted in the game. This certainly seems to fall within that. I’m sure the Devs will be monitoring threads like this and implementing the ideas and options that fit the game and that enough people feel should be included.

I also feel the wasd keys would be good for movement of the camera, or having the option to map those keys would be good.

I totally agree. WASD is so basic :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah since this game is more about building and not so much micro management of attack units… WSAD is best for movement. You really don’t need short cuts for building in a game like this considering it is a slower paced game.

Using WASD for moving the camera around would free up the left mouse button to be picker and selector at all times.

Q and E could rotate as well.

During the last livestream they said they wont get wasd, as they are too valuable for other shortkeys. arrow keys will be in. Eventually there will be keybindings and you can set your own wasd keys.

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Arrow keys will be fine to start with! Just give them fast to me plus the fix for the resolution issues. These would be my two top priority fixes.

I not gonna say I don’t like WASD I always use it.
But in this type of game I would prefer , move mouse cursor to border to move. (again not saying that WASD should not be possible )
This for me more a relaxed type of game.
When I switch to WASD , I go into BF mode :slight_smile: or a good half part of my kb when I go to play moba’s

In anycase the current mouse movement is annoying.

Also: some people doesn’t have wheels in their mouses, it’s possible to add Zoom in/out to key commands?

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I imagine so.

I’m sure we’ll see bindable keys.

I’m not sure which I’d prefer - WASD allows me to use the mouse with me right hand, the arrow keys allow WASD to be left for shortcuts, then again there are a lot of other keys for shortcuts.

To cut a long story short … yes :slight_smile: