Suggestion: Camera Speed

Regarding camera speed and drift, with WASD controls.

When I am zoomed at a moderate distance (let’s say 3 to 4 stories) above the characters, it feels fine.

But, I find I need to zoom in closer for mining, building, and decorating. At close zoom, the camera keys should move slower. Quick/long movements make it difficult to click on individual blocks due to clipping.

And then similarly if you zoom way out, camera keys move too slow.

Perhaps devs would consider changing the camera move speed (for keyboard controls) to be proportional to zoom distance.


right, it could also accelerate instead of being an instant response, going faster the longer you hold it. that way you don’t have to really set limits for each level of zoom, just one starting speed and one limit for all zooms, and you can scale up the starting speed the more you zoom out