Warhouse regions/ trader stockpiles

With the team revisiting town banners and some discussion over here Camp Standard Functions

there was some talk about the functionality of the town banner, specifically as a drop off point for goods from traders

then I said that maybe the first goods from the trader can be dropped off at the town banner (as it currently is), but wouldn’t also be cool if in the late game you can create either an item or stockpile type area (like a warehouse region) where traders can drop off goods. And the game could force the player to at least have one in the world at a time. But then you could specify what types of goods go where from traders. Making the town much more efficient.

so what do you guys think, would it be a good thing for us to have the ability to mark designated regions for traders to drop off certain goods like a stockpile or would it be better to have an item like the banner where things would just be dropped off around it?


yes please. :slight_smile:

Not only would that add flavor, if you add the rule that the trading post must be accessable from the edge of the map (the pathfinder being able to make a path) then players would be less inclined to box themselves in. Your town would take on a more recognizable and organic shape just from regular play.
I think it’s a great Idea.


I say, why not both? Why not have more items like the stalls that trigger the traders, in which they come to. Once you buy or sell things, they then go grab what you sold to them and leave what you bought. Towns did this by having a trader stockpile that when you traded, your people would bring the goods you sold to it, and the trader would leave the things you bought.

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