Stockpiles - A higher purpose

Currently, I’ve noticed there have been some bugs with the trader that arrives at your town, not finding items that it needs to trade, leaving the player with a bunch of potentially useless crafted items. I’m not sure if this has been suggested before, but what about if Stockpiles had more purpose than just storing items.

Trading Posts:
What if you could make a small 5x5 (example size) stockpile that could be used to store trading/quest items. So then the trader would have an easier way of discovering where to collect the trade items from. The stockpile could be marked with 4 flags on each corner, to signify that it is indeed a trading “post”.

The flags themselves would cost 1 Cloth and 1 Wood to make, and after you have the 4 flags, clicking on a stockpile could give you the option (as a button) to “Convert to trading post”, in which the workers will then place the flags around the stockpile.

If this was going to be implemented, maybe you could have a trader appearance feature, where the trader will only notify the town when the trading post is created.

As for sorting items into the trading post stockpile, here are a few options I came up with:

Option 1:
Clicking on individual items and having a button (similar to “place item” button) saying “Mark for trade”, which causes the workers to move the item to the trading post.

Option 2:
Having a button on the trading post to “Collect trade items” when a trade offer is in effect. Which make the workers move all items relating to the trade into the trade post area.

This could give trading a bigger purpose, and maybe a more RPG feel?
Leave comments below to add to this suggestion :slight_smile:


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