Voxel Pirate´s Qubicle Creations

Thanks for that offer, but I am already working on the Pirate Crew and believe me… they would NOT be amused :wink:

And they are not only not amused but also heavily armed… ^^


P.S. Tricky Voxel-Stuff… as I chose a rather small resolution, I have now troubles to design cannon balls :-/

Update: Exchanged the picture with a more recent one.


Nothing wrong with square cannon balls :smile:

Good work on the treasure and I love the detail on the pirate guy. (the ring is a nice touch)

He does need an eyepatch though.

Yeah, I also kind of like the treasure. Actually my plan is to create a whole “Crew”. So there should be a Captain, someone using the cannon, a slave (well, you do not want the Captain to row, don’t you ^^), etc. So I did not want to overdo it and put all the sterotypes into one character. But there will be also an eyepatch and maybe even a wooden leg and a hook :wink:

My first, larger model is done now (for the moment at least). The scene I would like to setup includes a small boat, with which the Pirates arrived at the shore. Working on larger models makes it difficult to fit to the Stoneheart-Style. I have created a short “tutorial”, how I have tried to solve this issue for the boat (without simply resizing the finalized product).

But here now the boat:


… and from another angle:



i really dont want to know who used to posses that skull… :wink:

I have “finalized” my work on the pirate crew I have had in my mind. Slowly, slowly trying to understand how all this works… quite some fun to play around ;-).

Here a picture of the captain (guess on which model he is based ^^) and his brave buccaneers:

And from another angle with some goodies:

Finally, in a scene with the Fortress Background I have introduced here:

Let’s see what is next… ^^


does he have a… peg-leg?

i so :yellow_heart: your skills…

Yer, well I :blue_heart: your skills.

Arrrrrrrrr this is a like a fine bottle of Rum! Get this course and i will show you the lovely peace after an successfully scavenge :smiley:

Thanks for the warm words. Still not where I would like to be. But how can you learn if you don’t play around ;-).

In the countdown-stream I have heard something which made me sad. Will there be really no cows in Stonehearth? Like never? No cheese, no chocolate… how can this be? So I have decided to design a cow next. Maybe, after several trys it might look sweet enough, so the powers to be will change their mind ^^.

Project: Milk for Stonehearth:


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ok, first… the cow is brilliant… and a must have! i think his eyes need to be “tweaked” though, if possible… i initially mistook them for nostrils…

but… and this comes in a strong second… why is there a naked dude standing next to said cow, and why is he staring at me…

Is it not normal to be completely naked around farm animals?

That might explain a lot …

I am seriously hoping that I am looking at his belly button …

I am actually in hysterics at the cows face … it’s not quite right. It looks like a monkey/duck face stuck on a cow head. Apart form that though loving the cow!

i just lol’d… i dislike lol-ing… please refrain from making me lol in the future…

nah… too easy

aye… something is a little off with the face… it could possibly be fixed with an eye adjustment though… :slight_smile:

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@SteveAdamo Naked? He is not naked. He has a latex suit on which is (by chance) painted in body-color. Naked… pah.

@Geoffers747 Aha… apart from that it is ugly, you like it. Got it ,-)

I am also not so convinced about the colors. Let’s see what the next try brings… maybe also a calf (to really convince some pessimistic people).

P.S. The Latex Dude was put there for reference reasons, to assess if the cow is sized cowish enough.

Well now I look again … can I ask why you decided brown and white? And not a black and white cow? Also I think the body is either too tall … or gets too narrow at the top, although I understand it’s hard to get that shape without it looking like a massive cube!

oh my good gravy… if you make a cute baby calf, there will be much squeeee-ing…

Yeah, I think that color choice was one of my more brilliant moments today :-/. Was thinking about black and white but somehow thought that might be too mainstream.

On the body shape I find it rather hard to model that in a way so it feels right. That’s more or less my first animal created from scratch. I kind of like that the back of the cow gets higher at the end and has a lower part in the middle. But agree that I might have tried to put too many details into this one.

So, second try… without PG-rating this time:

I think the body looks a lot better … there are more cows than obviously the black and white ones, but to me that’s what you think of when you think cow, so perhaps to distinguish them easily that might be a better choice, but who knows!

Face is also a lot better now, still doesn’t look quite right but I’m not sure why … maybe it’s too many blocks forward?

Really nice work going on here. :slight_smile:
However, as already stated the cow’s face is off. I think the first version was better. The back of the head, the top of the head and the length of the lower jaw are good. They seem to have the right size, but the face is too small and it has two foreheads. The second row above the eyes is the small forehead. This should be move something like two steps up and one or two steps back. I’m guessing a good position for the eyes would be two steps up, one step back and one step to the side.
Something like that.

Or wait. I changed my mind about moving the forehead. It has two foreheads, but if you just move the eyes then you can take the flat area around where the eyes are now and just extrude it 2 steps forward. :slight_smile: