Voxel Pirate´s Qubicle Creations

Ah right, well a good idea and I wish you the best with it should you go through with it :smile:

I like it, but I would suggest flipping the effect so that the castle is in wireframe. It would help with the color that @Miturion mentioned and it would give the feel that the simple houses are built and the castle is still a blueprint. :slight_smile:

@Smokestacks Thanks. Probably it will be a channel mainly in English and here and there a German video.

@Agon Nice idea. The only problem I have with it is that YouTube is including your Avatar on the left side, so I want to have it black there and the castle is actually only 2 towers and some walls. I don’t think it looks nice if I move it to the left.


Any chance these cows could be added to the list of downloadable .qmo files? I need them for some… experiments.

/cackles maniacally

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I guess I can do this… until I will need this model for one of my mods, it might take quite some time.

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Still (or again) not happy with the header of my YouTube-Channel… for my new idea I need some landscape from Stonehearth, so I have replicated the landscape-picture from Tom (will upload it into the “repository” in a minute or two):



now thats all sorts of awesome…

“worker… smash!”

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… well, it is not really creative work, just counting voxels. So as it is a quite boring task, I have just uploaded it for others who might want to try out their creations in a “real” environment (might require Blender…).

awww… so much awesome stuff to stumble trough! man i totally love you chronicle mod idea, keep it up mate! also dig the wireframe - color fading youtube header but can’t wait to see what you have planed with the terrain! :smile:

@Pepe Thanks. Have you found the main thread for the Chronicle already? My new header is up and running… for now. I guess I am fine with the fonts (actually re-using that ones from Stonehearth) and also ok with the landscape. Just didn’t come up with something fancy for the main, green part… so took the wire-frame. I guess I have some time left until December for the final design. :wink:

indeed… :smiley:

you have to take a look at @voxel_pirate’s model thread here… lots of great community contributions! :+1:

no not yet…stumblestumblestumble…perfect! love it, now there has someone put some thoughts into it as well!! :slight_smile: the 3 step evolution is just great and i really love the argil crate design with the signs and the old books! :thumbsup:

yeah that’s really an awesome growing collection, i was taking a peek once in a while… and every time i wanted to fire up QC stuff right away or just play the game! :smile: …now if we’re on topic: i’ve finally opened QC today after this way to long absence and something really disturbing happened…almost ashamed to tell…. i did not remember where the cam button was to look around in QC!!! :smiley: :blush:

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Uhhhh… I would have never dared to say it, but you can check some tutorials here (English) and here (German). :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

P.S. Just joking @Pepe… actually your work has inspired me to give it a try. So thanks!

Playing a bit around with Families. Aren’t babies cute? :smile:




P.S. Stolen the hair for baby girl from the repository (Froggy).


wow, the scales work really well! its interesting to see how only a few voxels in height make such a difference in the models… nice! :+1:

sickeningly so… :smile:

Actually you mean how a resize can make the difference, right? Not only the hight is reduced, also the overall size while the eyes are kept like the are with the adults, to give it a more childish look.

I think it would be cool to have this somehow in the game. You could implement babies like a “Tamagotchi”. So if you do not take care of them in a propper way, the will get this unwanted traits :wink:.


im not sure about the babies, but the young children? definitely… we’ll figure out a way to incorporate them… will add lots of life to a town square to see kids running around with pets, etc. :+1:


If you were feeling lazy, or simply exhausted from making all of those animations for the kids, you could probably reuse the AI for pets on kids. Then simply have a factor (time, wealth, food, etc.) to cause them to grow to adulthood and from there give them all the AI of a regular worker. Possibly add in an AI as a kid that they need feeding, up to you on that one :wink:

OR before they “grow up”, they could be apprentices. Would involve more work, but could be really cool, making them better blacksmiths, for example, more quickly when they grow up and earn a profession. This would provide the upside of better craftsmen but the downside that you would have to predetermine which classes you wanted.


Really nice work, I was hoping someone would do this :thumbsup: I just got lazy on my town model and scaled down the adults :slight_smile:

I agree, I was hoping there would be a mod effort to add / switch town population increases from the “more workers showing up at the town” to “children born & growing.”

This is just my opinion on it, but I’d think a well constructed mod that added a simple infant -> child/adolecent -> adult progression would be fantastic for the modding community. From there it gives a good framework for others to add on their own features - such as the tamagotchi thing (a little too micro-management for my taste :blush:), but also you could implement the apprentice thing like @Smokestacks suggested. I was thinking of a “blood-line” mod where you could have hidden/shown “classes” of people, such as a noble blood line, heroic blood line, etc. Leads to good story building?

This is a great basis for an idea (the basic concept) for a really awesome mod. I’d be willing to help if needed in the future - certainly before my Fallout mod. This is practically a Stonehearth staple if you ask me! (not that you did! :slight_smile: )

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Go check out Sungai Tribe Mod (Full Tribal Conversion). It had a class system built around inheritance and bloodlines.