Voxel Adventurer


Hey guys, I was just playing around with in Qubicle and came up with this. I don’t have a proper name for him but I gave him a backpack. Maybe he could be a delivery boy or something.


Hmm, a courier you say? Perhaps it can be an upgrade so workers can have bonus speed or weight carrying. Which means more production. More production means more power. More power means I have complete domination. Complete domination means- oh yeah sounds like a good idea.


Right, because a backpack is for holding more stuff.


Holding more stuff but it makes you slower, sounds good to me.


wow @mohallo … very nice first model! :+1:

i love that you tied a story to him as well… given the size of the backpack, we shouldnt expect him to be able to carry much… so, perhaps he is a mail carrier? or perhaps he can could serve as an entry level herbalist, who collects small quantities of items to be further crafted once returned to town?

either way, i really like the model so far…


I like that idea of him being an entry level herbalist.

You might have to send a little escort with him if it’s not safe in your neck of the woods, of course, lest you get “Apprentice Herbalist Gathers, born 650, died 618. Mauled by a Wolf” as a little headstone.

In exotic biomes, it could be something like “beat to death by the Little People for stealing Mushrooms”.


I didn’t know political correctness existed in Stonehearth…


A time travelling herbalist? I like it.


He obviously meant 650 B.C.E. - 618 C.E.


So a time traveller? because that’s 1268 years old otherwise, but even without it for 650-618 that’s a 32 year old apprentice herbalist gatherer which for the tech levels is a decent age but he clearly wasn’t the brightest spark if he hadn’t even learnt how to mix the herbs yet.


well at least the 1268 year old makes SOME sense, I mean senility probably factored into that a little bit…


Maybe he was able to come up with an elixir of youth? Lives to be 1268.


That was sort of my intention, yes. Although the logic I used to arrive at it is kind of external to the logic you would use as a person in that world, and more akin to the way a historical force or record keeper after the fact would reckon years.

But Time Travelling is fun too.