Vince5754s Animation Projects (New Video: They Removed Herobrine!)

I’m gonna post info on my various projects here:

Minecraft They Removed Herobrine Animated Short:

Stonehearth Goblin Raid Wallpaper:


that is, for lack of a better word, sic!

I love this render! although it is a little dark on my screen… but those (glowing) goblin eyes and pouncing beast are stellar! :smile: :+1:


gosh, there are so many great artistic people on the discourse! (as usual, i will go and sit in my corner of shame and cry now…)


Could you make it a little brighter? So I can use it as wallpaper? Super amazing work but too dark for my taste!


Ambush!! Love the action scene. But I am afraid the battle result will be a sad story :sob:

You never know. Just last week I was reading about a possibly demonic knight on here that went and took out the goblin camp by herself.


The Scene was meant to be taking place during the Night time, but I’ll look at making it a little brighter tomorrow.

Ah, But you must remember, Miturion:

The Goblins are absolute Scrubs. I’d think that four armored Guards would be a formidable foe for even a dozen Goblins (To which there are only ten in this shot).


@SteveAdamo @Argen Try that brighter version at the top post, does that work any better?


Except the Goblins have a demon-wolf!
On which a goblin is riding it like a bad ass!
Surely that must count for something!

Brilliant work though! I love it! :smile:

gorgeous! thanks again! :smile: :+1:


Works better for me. Thank you! I love this scene by the way, going to add it to my desktop rotation.

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Yeah, the brighter one goes into my deteskop wallpaper! Great job, now it’s as clear as a day (night? :wink:). Really cool!!!

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I much prefer the darker one. :smile: It adds much more to the sinister atmosphere of the scene in my eyes.

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i like the new brighter one! it kinda makes me think that the raid is happening at the first light o’ dawn…

Yea, that was what I meant. Poor goblins :stuck_out_tongue:



So I have bad news and good news.

The Bad news is I’m afraid the Stonehearth Animation I have planned has been delayed indefinitely. Its abundantly clear that my current computer can’t handle what I had in store.

The Good news is that my new Animation Video has been posted on Youtube: They Removed Herobrine?

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