Villagers gripe about their life choices

Villagers will regret their decisions publicly by whining about it in the gripes section of the journal instead of instantly fixing the decision they are whining about in the first place.
Villagers will decide to go 24 hours without food and then gripe about it anyway.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get a lot of food
  2. Get a lot of villagers
  3. Wait for someone to go 24 hours without eating
  4. Look in the journal

Expected Results:
The villagers will accept their decisions
Actual Results:
Sometimes someone will gripe about how they went 24 hours without food. Because they chose to do so. Why are you angry with your life decisions that were instantly fixable? thats like complaining because you chose not to breathe.
So far its been happening every day, and only one person.

Version Number and Mods in use:
release 489.
no mods in use
System Information:
Ive always been bad with computer specs.
im on a 64 bit with windows 8.
that is all i know.

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It may happen but please when you see this kind of gripe, try to find your compalining villager. He may be stuck inside a chair or in the air :wink:

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The problem is that they only eat at midday, so if someone lose that time doing something else, it’s over :frowning:

We need a better hunger system where they eat when they are really angry, not when it is “time”. And have different foods filling different amounts of hunger.

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Totally agree . . . It is silly that they only eat at one set time even though they have no other real scheduling at all. They will also sit beside chairs next to the campfire, and sleep on the ground if they get tired after doing a job away from town, and do other completely odd things.

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Hey there @bulldozer, welcome to the Discourse!

Hmm… @BrunoSupremo and @John_Chance, villagers should eat when they get hungry, not just at one set time of day.

The villager AI is pretty basic (in the needs sense). If they are in danger, they will fight or flee. If safe, it will check if they are tired, and if so go to sleep. If they aren’t tired, it will check if they are hungry, and if so, eat. (It is not quite that simple, but that is the basics).

In terms of sleeping, there is a certain “sleepiness” value at which they will start looking for a bed. If they cannot find one, they will keep looking, but eventually sleep on the ground. This mostly happens when they are far away from a bed, and thus it is impossible to reach the bed before their “sleepiness” value reaches 0 (and thus fall asleep where they stand). In terms of not sitting in chairs by the fire, that is a known issue. The fireplace essentially has a bunch of “seat” attached to it (in the coding sense, not physical seats). There is currently no way to use physical furniture in place of those seats.

Back to the bug report. @bulldozer the most likely explanation for that journal entry would be a stuck or very far away Hearthling. Hearthlings can survive for more than 24 hours without food, so if they were doing something (building, mining, harvesting) very far away from food, it is possible they just didn’t make it back yet…or they could be stuck somewhere.