Citizen/villager NOT dying of hunger?

Hi all,

Yes your reading it correctly, im asking support cause i cant seem to let my villager die of hunger.

Before they always starve to death. But in this recent alpha 20 game i had several vilagers stuck in a big build i designed but no one lost any health or died. They only became very upset which is understandable. I’ve decided to test it out with a volunteer (we like to think he volunteered) and placed him in a high spot with no food. Sure enough his i’m starving icon appears but nothing else happens for several ingame days and half an hour real life time.

Did i mis something in an update that says they prevent villagers in a peacefull mode game to die of starvation or is this a side effect of the new i’m happy/ i’m unhappy mode?


It’s actually a bug. Don’t know why the health is not decreasing.
Thanks for reporting this!