Gripes journal suggestions

On work

I dont like working this much / I kinda wanted to go out and frolic in a feild or something but i had to work, im not mad, but please dont let it happen again / I know im supposed to be helping the community but this is ridiculous!

This only appears if a villager works 40 hours out of 48

On my job

Im having a hard time producing this many commodities / Im having a hard time making this many items / im having a hard time creating this many things

This only appears if 50 items appear on the queue of a carpenter, weaver, blacksmith, ect at the same time.

On storage

I dont have anywhere to put my things! / I cant place anything anywhere! its anyridiculous! / I had to actually dig a hole to put my items somewhere.

This only appears if storage is 95% full and the villager is a worker, or if storage is 80% full and the villager is a carpenter, a weaver, a blacksmith, ect.

On ethics

Im not sure we should be killing this many animals / Why kill things that can feel?

Each villager has a 50% chance of being able to gripe about this when they come to the village, they will gripe as long as more than 15 animals are killed in one day.

Neat ideas! I like the thought of more options for gripes, I get a little tired of seeing the same ones repeat, lol.

I’m a little conflicted on your suggestions for animal gripes though. While I see your point, they’re also settlers with needs - vegetarianism for ethical reasons is a relatively new idea. Maybe a better option would be, “Do we really need this much food?” or something along those lines. In all though, really cool suggestions.