View Floors Individually

Back in an earlier alpha, a player could view floors via the slice tool. In the picture, you see the slice at 69m. Normally, that would mean that anything above 69m would be cut off, allowing the player a top down view of the floor at 69m.

I’ve stated several times about how important this was. Granted that the player is now able to place furniture during build mode, its not so easy to update buildings with outdated furniture. Why? Because the player has to ‘reach’ for the furniture by profile view which makes ‘reaching’ for furniture near the center of the building almost infinitely harder than to select a piece of furniture from a top down view.

Please…for the sake of making it easier on all of us trying to place furniture and update older furnishings as well as arranging them. You guys might have no idea how hard it is to get a bearing of a floor plan from a profile view.

Imagine trying to grasp the floor plan of a house you’re going to buy by looking at it from profile view and then trying design the interior of said house via profile view. Nigh impossible? Yea.

To be clear, the fact that I have a floor for a roof in the example above should make absolutely no difference in making the view easier for the player to arrange interior furnishings.


Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture? Well, probably not because it is ‘still life’ (as in the problem can only be easily spotted if in-game. Has nothing to do with individual cognitive abilities)

The problem here is tangentially related to the one above where I said floors needed to be viewed individually. Here you can see me trying to place a wall lantern on the first floor near the door. However, I cannot due to the camera not being able to go any lower as well as the fact that the second floor is obstructing the view that would have allowed me to place the lantern in a higher position.

Another problem you can see in this picture is the light blue space and the stone landscape on top. An extension to the previous suggestion (that I’ve made several times in the past) is that players should be able to view buildings individually without the landscape obstructing the view like in this case.


I’ve had a similar scenario when I tried to place a tunnel door deep underground, only for it to be broken and permanently be a floating blueprint.


being able to see each floor would be a +1 for me

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Gee, I really wish I could view the 2nd and 1st floor so I can arrange furniture without having my view obstructed.

Oh boy, how does one go about putting furniture on the 1st floor when there is a cliff in the way of the camera?

Its a PITA to put anything in side a building that is more than 1 story. It shouldn’t have to be like a chore to put even the most basic of furniture inside a building.

I’ve noted this problem for a while now since alpha 11 or 12 and I have stated that it was not an issue in an earlier build because I have seen the game be able to view each floor individually via the slice tool or whatever. I don’t know what happened during the development that made it impossible now.

Since this is an issue on game mechanics rather than game content, I don’t see a reason why this should not be a thing. If the devs disagree and think that a player should have to place all furniture via a profile view, I’d like to know why.

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well now that they are working on/completed the ability to make houses more then 1 floor this is basically a must

I wonder what radiant thinks?

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It may also be nice if Radiant allows us to also see through slabs… That would help when trying to make custom walls and actually being able to see through it.