Building Slice View

So I thought this had been answered but can anyone verify that interior building view per floor is implemented in the latest alpha? It is a necessity.

There were a few people who misunderstood the purpose of this question. The house button on the bottom right does not view buildings’ interior per floor. Yes, it allows the viewing of the interior but for large buildings, placing furniture near the center is nigh impossible.

For the older players, this was probably an accidental feature pre-alpha 10 release. Hence its disappearance in alpha 10 and 10.5

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apologies, but just for clarification, are you saying that when in slice-mode, it’s difficult to place items on floors above the ground level?

@SteveAdamo, i believe @athenalras is saying that its hard to place items on the ground floor of 2 floor buildings with the “invisible walls” building view, and was mentioning how slice mode used to cut away second floors.

In Alpha 10.5 slice mode, multi-story buildings had all floors available for viewing at the same time. However, pre-alpha 10.5, slice view would view floors individually.

For instance, say you had a 3 story tower. In Alpha 10+ (11?), the slice view and the house-slice view would only allow the player to view all floors at once. Which makes placing furniture on the first and second floor very difficult since the player cannot get a top-down view of the floor they’re building.

In Alpha 9, the slice view allowed me to view the insides of the 3 story building and made placing furniture a lot easier for larger, taller buildings.