Very Nice Gun Mod

Steam Workshop: Auto Golems Guns

:arrow_right: Mod File Download for stonehearth\mods : autogg.smod

Version updated: Oct.3, 2019

Smaller :hammer_and_pick: Golems and Guns :boom: can be crafted earlier in the game.

The busy golems will help you get work done quickly, freeing up your Townsfolk, and a strong defense can be built up with single target Turret and multi target Blast Guns!
Lure any invaders into the line of fire, especially any pesky bugs…

They are usually built with the starting crafter of the Kingdom, but are weaker in strength and survivability, and have lower value compared to the same devices made by a Geomancer or Engineer.

There is already a discourse forum post here of this mod:
Auto Golems Guns