[Mod] Additional Shop Mod [0.50]

Added three new shops to the spawner;

All - Sells Everything

Weapons and Armour


These seem a bit OP, but I can’t see any way to add randomness to these at the moment to make it less so.

Anyone know of any settings I can change to make it so that the weapons are super expensive without editing each set of weapon prices?

Download here:



So then to make this less overpowered I’ve made some changes;

version [0.6]
Added two new campaigns

  • Late Game Shops
  • Zombie Death

Download here:

You have to reach 2500 net worth before getting the shops and then once you reach 10k net worth between 5 - 30 zombies will spawn to kill you that don’t despawn in the morning; I did start off with 100 for real insta-death but that makes my PC cry.

I had to unfortunately over ride one of the luac files to get this to work, does anyone know how to do replace a part of a luac file. As otherwise this wont work once the file is updated (whenever that is).

cool mod. i just downloaded it, to use this mod, i just unpack all of the contents and place all of the contents in the mod folder right?

Can i have old version without zombies? i will try add random

i believe you are not supposed to unpack it, just place the .Zip file in the mods folder and it should work.

but its been awhile since i got a mod so i could be wrong

Hey electrodynamo,

8 bit crab is correct if I had re-named the extension to .smod for this file you could have just placed it in the mods folder and it will run, but since I didn’t then you’ll have to either re-name the extension of the file and place it the mod folder

Or extract the files into a folder in the mods folder. A word of warning when extracting the files, as there is already a folder in the zip and if you (like me) use the right click context menu to extract the mod (extract to zip file name) you’ll get a secondary folder, which you’ll need to remove by going into that folder copying all of the files going back to the root and pasting it.

To answer fluiD96 the original file is in the parent post :wink:

If you have any other issues with this mod please let me know :smile:

Thanks, i added random change variety of items by 24 hours ingame, so, can i add that to my mod?

Thanks, do you have a download of what you did?

Did you get it so that there are random amounts of each item in the shop or make the shop spawning “more random”?

Happy for you to take what I’ve written and run with it :smile: