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We didn’t have time, nor did it feel right to do a big press push for 1.0, but we did want to make a public statement about the end of the game to a neutral third party, so we accepted one interview with a reporter from Variety:

I think only the last paragraph really communicated what I really wanted to say, and I wish there had been more focus on what the whole team did, and what you are all doing here still, to make the game amazing, but on the whole I’m glad to have someone objectively outside the situation offer their perspective on how this all went down.


I can’t thank you all enough for everything that happened from the day that Kickstarter and that beautiful (and promising!) video came out and started pumping out so many dreams… :merry:
I recently came across one of my first posts in here (this one) - that is from before dwarves were even announced as a stretch goal - and it is somewhat… ironic that I ended up in ACE doing, well… dwarves :jubilant:

The blunt and yet beautiful honesty behind much of this process and some particular pieces like that emotional last stream, this interview and the Building Cathedrals DT are probably things I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life, either when following my own dreams or reminding myself to not get stuck anytime I feel I’m getting stuck and not going out after them anymore…

So… Thank you. Very much. :heart:

I hope a whole bunch of people have a first game creation experience with it, just as we had as developers. I want them to pass that forward. ‘Stonehearth’ was hard, but it stirred my soul, and I hope that whatever I do next will have a fraction of that.”

“Making games is hard,” she said, “but it’s worth it.”

You know, it might be funny but perhaps out of everything that “Team Radiant” managed to create here - like the community and the ambitions and the fact that not only me but others are pursuing things like that for the first time… Perhaps out of all that, Stonehearth was the least greatest of them all :merry:

Thanks for everything :merry:
I hope we’ll do our best and will allow you guys an awesome time as players (just like you did to us!) and part of the community as well, now! :jubilant:

  • Dani

I was afraid to delve into this article, to be honest. There are so many unflattering videos floating around made by people, who are trying to copy game reviewers like John Bain and Jim Sterling, people who jumped on Stonehearth, made a quick measurement, without trying to delve into it made an assumption that this is a money grab and a failure… I watched a single one of these videos and my heart hurt… That person did not even try to understand the building system.

This article is very fair. To me, it shows the reality of what went down in a well written fashion, cleaning up after some of the “dirty devs” and “bad game” reviews which are out there. There, sadly, had been facts to this development which meant significant obstacles and those were acknowledged and dealt with the best way available.

But indeed in the end I can sum it up: Do I have this game? Yes! Did I spend uncountable hours in this game? Yes! Am I going for more? Yes! Did I learn to mod thanks to this game? Yes!

Screw those sour people, there really is only positivity left in our hearts :merry:


The article is quite frank about how Riot essentially ‘wound up’ StoneHearth, hope Stephanie didn’t get into trouble over that one.

I guess it just shows that unless you’re programming for a hobby, it’s the bean counters who have the final say. So, who owns the rights to ‘StoneHearth 2’? :wink: