[Dev Blog] One Year Kickstarter Anniversary!


congratulations Team Radiant! :smile:


A year ago there was a hole in my life, a Steve sized hole.


Now I am surrounded by you beautiful people, whom I love equally, apart from a few of you who I love a little bit more, but I’m not saying who that is. You can fight it out in the Thunderdome.

What a crazy year, it certainly seems like we’ll start to see gameplay functions come a bit faster now that the behind the scenes stuff has reached a good place!



No Offense to Team Radiant but I expected a lot more to be accomplished in one year…

Anyway, After that Downer lets :wine_glass: CELEBRATE!!! :wine_glass:, So in the old fashioned Irish way I shall get extremely drunk tonight and see you all in the morning with a hangover.

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Probably not me, seeing I have this. :wink:


Well I think the dev blog answers that nicely:

To be honest, Stonehearth is a much bigger challenge than we anticipated, mainly due to our no-compromise approach. We want a high quality simulation game…in full 3D…with detailed, animated characters….and make the whole thing moddable. We have had our share of set-backs, but we have remained 100% true to our original vision of the game.

The reason is simple: we started this whole adventure not just to build games, but to build THIS game. A compromised version of Stonehearth wouldn’t be the game we’ve dreamed of, so we have no interest in doing that. We’re building the game we want, no matter what it takes.

So stop being such a killjoy or I’ll change your title to something mean!


We still love you, even if you are a failure :smile:

Woohaa A year already. Congrats.


loving the team breakdown… although with @not_owen_wilson, you clearly could have left it at this:

Chris. Mega coder #2. Canadian.

:smile: :+1:


One year and still going strong! I’m absolutely in love with this game and how it’s progressing!

Lets raise a glass for another amazing year!

**かんぱい! (kanpai) ** :sake:

That so made my day


Stonehearth update? Anything amazing? Anyone?

I believe - ‘Chris. Mega Coder #2. The Man.’ would have been sufficient?


it seems bugs are being resolved hither and thither! :smile:

i’m looking at you @Relyss:wink:


You’re calling Relyss a bug?! :astonished:


:cry: and I was here trying to improve my QA skills…
Here, have some more non reportable bugs:

They’re definitely evil…

:smiling_imp: (old extra image because I felt like it)

EDIT: Oh, there are some interesting bugs on the other forum…
:running: Time to test…


Some things I’ve noticed playing the updated alpha 3 release:

-It should say “irrevocably” for overwriting the save game, not “unrevokably” :stuck_out_tongue: .

-It was amusing to watch all my settlers decide to eat & sleep at the exact same instant.

-Speaking of sleep, they don’t seem to need much.

-At morning of day 3 & 4: lots of this: stonehearth/components/ai/execution_frame.lua:1299: radiant/lib/env.lua:6: assertion failed!

That’s all for now though - this release definitely seems an improvement over the previous alpha 3 :smiley: .

**Edit: **'Is anyone else chopping these trees? It it just me?'
Edit 2: Odd symbol in place of the apostrophe in “I’ve chopped about a billion trees today”… the apostrophe elsewhere looks fine, so I’m thinking it’s a typo (same applies with “Today, we’re chopping trees for wood. I’m already sick of the wood jokes”). Also “Need to build walls!! Thicker walls!!!.” - note the full stop after the 3 exclamation marks at the end.
Edit 3: The turnips carried away to be eaten are tiny, and hover between your hands.

(What? No, I’m not a grammar nazi, or even anal retentive. I prefer the term “perfectionist” :stuck_out_tongue: .)

Sorry guys, but . . .

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