Valor_torch & fence_gate_iron

Torch recipe is not added to the Blacksmith when you select valor_statue (stonehearth/entities/decoration/valor_statue/torch), instead, the recipe is added fence_gate_iron, which seems to be at craftsman_statue (stonehearth: decoration: craftsman_statue:fence_gate_iron)

Рецепт факела не добавляется Кузнецу при выборе valor_statue (stonehearth/entities/decoration/valor_statue/torch), вместо этого добавляется рецепт fence_gate_iron, который вроде бы должен быть у craftsman_statue (stonehearth:decoration:craftsman_statue:fence_gate_iron)

p.s. translated by autotranslator

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Thanks for reporting, @Arian :slightly_smiling_face: