Small Question on Recipes

When adding items to the game (specifically armor and weapons) how do I specify where the recipe belongs. I know how to make “a recipe” but how do I specify “This is for blacksmith/carpenter/etc.”?

In stonehearth/jobs/carpenter/recipes there’s a file called recipes.json, which has the list of recipes for the carpenter. You have to mixinto there to add your recipe to the list on whatever category.

The same for the other crafters, they have their folder on stonehearth/jobs.


In the manifest.json of your mod. Instead of or in addition to carpenter, you would use blacksmith or cook.

   "mixintos": {
     "stonehearth/jobs/carpenter/recipes/recipes.json" : "file(jobs/carpenter/recipes/recipes.json)"   		

You can find some more details and instructions from the startermod_basic and startermod_items located here