What is the alias for Carpenter's recipes.json


The title says it all. @sdee Is there an alias? Because the recipe I have isn’t registering with it.

“mixintos” : {
“stonehearth/professions/carpenter/recipes/recipes.json” :
[“file(professions/carpenter/recipes/recipes.json)” ]


/stonehearth/professions/carpenter/recipes/recipes.json. I’m also not certain if arrays work - or make sense at all.


Oh, thats how I saw it in an exampel, I’ll change that.


I really hate doing this, but I have no choice. My item WILL not show up in the game. COuld someone take a look?



"/stonehearth/professions/carpenter/recipes/recipes.json" : "file(professions/carpenter/recipes/recipes.json"

Try that.


Nope ;( Didnt work 20chars


“work_units” : 2,
“recipe_name” : “Falcon of Freedom”,
“description” : “To the mountains!”,
“flavor” : “Batteries not included.”,
“portrait” : “file(/entities/decoration/falcon_of_freedom/falcon_of_freedom.png)”,

Should read

“work_units” : 2,
“recipe_name” : “Falcon of Freedom”,
“description” : “To the mountains!”,
“flavor” : “Batteries not included.”,
“portrait” : “hotairballoonmod/entities/decoration/falcon_of_freedom/falcon_of_freedom.png)”,

It is currently looking for the icon in hotairballoonmod\professions\carpenter\recipes\entities/decoration/falcon_of_freedom/falcon_of_freedom.png


Still didn’t work. Do I have to create a whole new world?


yes, don’t rely on loading saves


Still doesn’t work. I don’tunderstand. It justdoesn’t show up in the recipe list.


Edit: your falcon_of_freedom.json files point to mixins hotairballoon instead of falcon_of_freedom

falcon_of_freedom.png missing underscores

falcon_of_freedom_iconic points to hotairballoon

Ctrl H is your friend! :smile:

Edit works now.

You started as per my advice and named things hot_air_balloon, and then changed your mind because you wanted to call it falcon_of_freedom. Looks like you missed a few hot_air_balloons in your files. It’s an easy mistake to make.

I recommend Jofferson by @RepeatPan to avoid future headaches, or at least mitigate them.

Final Edit: When testing recipes, its always best to set the resource count to one and then increase the amount to what you want afterwards


It still doesn’t work for me. Could you send me your edit?


Still doesnt owrk withy your files. Reinstalling stonehearth…


Just to prove i’m not trolling you:


I didn’t realise how beatiful it is gunna look. I can’twait till it works for me XD


Thanks for all the help btw!


Resent the link just in case, and I reduced the cost down to one wood so you can test straight away


All good, just needed to delete that outdated world, plus all of your fixes helped no doubt :smile:

Btw, howdo you get cloth resource, do you need a weaver? Does that mean bolt of cloth?


yup, five bolts total


Cool, once again, thanks! Now I have to make them fly around with a villager inside! Wanna help? JK I think I’ll add all of the ships and perfect themodels, then by then there will be a beefier modding api I can work with.