Crafting workbenches for other class to use

I am currently struggling with something, I am not sure if it is possible at all. I want my potter to create a workbench, wich in turn is later used by the blacksmith. Is this possible at all? In all my tests, the potter created it, I placed it, but the blacksmith (precisely, his recipe) cant find it. In the crafting screen, it still says that a required workbench thingy is missing.

Anyone willing to point me in the correct direction - or crushing my ideas by telling me, it’s impossible?

Uhm, maybe you got something wrong? It should be possible.

I’m looking at the carpenter’s workbenches. There is a field there that states what crafting menu it is connect to:

"stonehearth:workshop": {
     "job_alias": "stonehearth:jobs:carpenter"

So just change that field in your workbench to have a blacksmith jobalias?


In your recipe make sure the alias of the workshop points to “yourmod:your_workbench_alias”, too.


Thanks, @Relyss and @BrunoSupremo. I am pretty sure I did set all the aliases correctly. But I will look into my code once again.

The part in my furnace.json looks like this:

“stonehearth:workshop”: {
“job_alias”: “stonehearth:jobs:blacksmith”,
“workshop_effect”: “file(/data/rigs/furnace/effects/work.json)”

At least, noone told me that it isn’t possible at all. :wink:

Edit: Eureka! It does work now. Turned out, there was a typo in one of my manifest aliases. A semicolon had ninjad in, where a colon should have been… :no_mouth: From now on, I will review all my code at 200% fontsize…

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