Enabling Unfinished Professions

So I recently got Stonehearth and came upon how easy it is to edit files et cetera and while looking through the files I found a list of all the current in-progress jobs and I was wanting to enable Weaponsmith and Armorsmith with the appropriate workbenches including the one for Ingots(the forge for the blacksmith).

The issue I came across is when following guides around the Modding section is after I finished following what steps I could(some steps were missing?) the class(weaponsmith) didnt have any icons or access to change jobs however there was a new ? icon on the Change Jobs menu…

I was wondering if there are ready-made programs to generate the required files for custom professions or up-to-date tutorials on making a class that works for Alpha 10_5-10

I don’t know if anyone has written such a program yet, because the game is still in Alpha. Writing such a program could require adjustments every release. However, I know there are some guides. Perhaps @Relyss or @8BitCrab could point you to them.

Unfortunately there is no such a tool so far. But you can take the existing professions as a basis.

You can find an example of how to add a new profession to the game in the following thread. Don’t think there is a current tutorial available. But taking an existing mod will make it pretty easy to get the job done:


Thanks, I tried taking the blacksmith and doing it that way but it didn’t work out too well. I’ll try to do it with this mod.

Why, this just can’t be!I can’t have all the fun, now can I? :wink:
Guess I know what I’m adding to the wiki tonight!


It’s been awhile since most of it was updated, although recently seeing a lot of people getting into modding it wouldn’t surprise me if someone were to update it soon. We’re still waiting on a few things for Team Radiant to update before modding takes it’s true form.

The only problem with some of the classes are even though the names are there, unfortunately there’s nothing truly there other than the file there. In other words, if you did try and enable some of the classes it wouldn’t work.

Yes, I realized this when I viewed the Weaponsmith files at first~ I dont mind trying to do all the manual adding; I just want to get the job to work first

Yeah, those are only empty classes. They exist but they do nothing and you can’t enable them since they aren’t truly implemented.

As I said in another reply; I understand that they are empty but I would like to enable 1-2 of those empty classes and then start adding my own recipes and tools to the job :3

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Also the team have said that they would appreciate that you don’t enable their work before they are done with it as it kinda removes the whump from the update if it has been out for a month already.

(Lets not repeat the water incident guys)

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Well, the problem with the “water incident” is that almost all work was already done there. Whilst here there’s almost nothing to go on except for the name of the jobs. So it would (kind of) be like a modder creating new jobs from scratch.

I’m not a dev and can’t speak for them, but I think it’s alright in this case.


Yeah in this case but there where talk about Enabling the classes, which mostly means turning it on and put the last few tweaks on it.

Except there aren’t anything there: no recipes, no logic, no real description, etc.

The only thing to work on is this:

   "alias": "stonehearth:jobs:big_game_hunter",
   "name" : "???",
   "description" : "???",
   "requirements" : "???",
   "icon" : "file(../unknown/images/icon.png)",
   "parent_job" : "stonehearth:jobs:hunter"

So there’s a lot of work than just enabling and tweaking them. :slight_smile:


Why enabling the classes which will automaticly come to life in the future? Just go forward and fill the empty spaces in the class tree. I think some of our ideas are great and maybe the devs take them to implementation.
Creating a new class is btw no great problem it’s just some kind of copy and paste work and filling up workshops, adding own .qb’s and generating the new world

However, we have to remember this is ultimately the dev’s game, and our vision for what these classes will be is probably not what they had in mind. And, at this point, its better to just create a new class based on the ones in stonehearth that don’t have anything in them yet, since there’s nothing to work off of. Its better to respect the devs I think than to try and step over their toes. (which I’m not saying is happening currently, and I wasn’t here for the water incident, but it sounds as serious as saying “Voldemort”, so I’ll leave that to y’all)

However, my purpose isn’t to stop people from doing this, so do what y’all do! I’m just here to echo what @Chabonit said that it’s not all that difficult to create a custom class. With minimal .lua editing, no less! Well, there is some .less editing actually. Some less. :smile: I’m currently working on a tutorial for this type of thing, though. Once I get home from work I’ll keep working on it and it should be out by tonight, hopefully! Keep up the good work, y’all!