Alpha 6 new profession modding issue

Been having some trouble trying to update my mod for alpha 6 specifically issues with adding jobs, I haven’t been as active with Stonehearth recently so have lost track a bit of how things have changed and so I can’t get my mod to work when adding a new profession. When I load up the game and try to promote any worker to any profession I just get a blank promotion tree like this.

I have made changes to my mod in line with how alpha 6 has changed, that I feel should add the new profession correctly but clearly I have missed something. What is making it more difficult is that stonehearth doesn’t throw any errors that could suggest what the problem is not in game or in the stonehearth log. So anyone have any ideas or come across a similar problem I believe some people have been able to get new professions to work with the new job system so this should have a solution.

There’s something in that post about required mod changes for Alpha 6.

Just an idea

I dont know how to add one profession. But I suggest you take a look at how others have done it.

Versioning should be added, but I guess you have done it. Otherwise the mod would not load at all.

Yes I have made the version changes I’ve added my profession to the promotion_tree.js and the job index as well as lots of other changes I cant see any obvious differences between how I have done it and how its done by others even though they aren’t identical.

@OneLaughingLlama do you have any suggestions as to what might be the problem or what I might have missed?